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Giubra, supplies for hairdressers, hair dryer professional hair straighteners
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GIUBRA - Via Canzo 6716 - Peschiera Borromeo - 20068 - Milano - ITALY - Tel.: + - Fax: + - P.Iva: 07747420151

The company was founded in 1967 Giubra and since then the constant pursuit of quality throughout its range of products is the prerogative that has always distinguished us.

Initially specializing in the creation and production of workwear for the hairdressing sector (gowns, kimonos, capes cutting), for over 15 years our business has expanded to the commercial sector with marketing and sale of a more 'broad range of products and accessories, curling from the vaporizer to the plate, from scissors to brushes ... almost all the items that must be included in the most' modern beauty salons.

The market is mainly focused on four areas:

  • DISPOSABLE PRODUCTS (capes, gowns, slippers, etc ...)
  • ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (plates, irons, hairdryers, clippers, etc ...)
  • PROMOTIONAL (gowns, caps, towels, hair dryer cutting capes, etc .....)
  • ACCESSORIES (curlers, hairnets, hair tongs etc ......)

    The vast experience gained in over 40 years of activity, allows us to meet the required technical / professional more 'demanding combining them with cutting edge design.

    addition, the introduction of GIUBRA in the international market, which constitutes the foundation of our company policy, leads us to search and select new products of high quality standards from around the world.

    Our research and development department is always very responsive to market conditions constantly analyzing all its trends and news.

    The results of this analysis allows us to always offer a range of advanced and innovative products, providing our clients with unique and original with an excellent quality ratio '/ price and after-sales service well organized and efficient.

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